A Pet-Approved Wedding!

Ideas for incorporating your pet into your wedding

Your wedding is on the books and you’ve decided to have your furry bff there on your big day! Great news, there’s a variety of ways for your pet to be incorporated in your celebration. From making them your pet of honor and standing by your side to including them in your decorations, it’s easy to give your pal a special appearance. We’ve put together great tips and ideas for a pet-approved ceremony: 


  1. The Logistics. While it can be an exciting idea to involve your furry family member in your wedding, make sure having your pet physically there is a good idea for everyone.  First things first, ask yourself these questions: 

    1. Talk with your partner - You may want your loveable pup or cat to be there on your wedding day, but communicate with your partner prior. Is having your pet present something you both would enjoy on your wedding day?

    2. Consider your pet’s personality - Do they do well in large groups? Does your pet listen well? If the answer is no you may want to reconsider having them there as this should be something everyone would enjoy, even your pet!

    3. Check-in with the venue - Is your venue pet-friendly? Our hotel wedding venues are pet-friendly but not every place may be. Ask beforehand and plan accordingly to see if your pet is allowed on the property. Even if they aren’t pet-friendly, don’t fret! We have other ideas to help you incorporate your pet into your wedding.

  2. The Ceremony. Let your furry family member stand by your side as you wed: Your darling pet has been there for your day-to-day life, why not include them on the happiest day of your life?  

    1. Pet of Honor title: We’ve seen a variety of pets included in weddings! Whether you have a family member in the form of a cat, dog, horse, pig, or even a reptile, one thing is for sure - they deserve the Pet of Honor title! How cute would it be to have your pet at the ceremony dressed in an adorable tux or bowtie? Your companion can even accompany you or another wedding member down the aisle for an “awww” moment. PRO TIP: Stress less and dedicate someone to be the pet-sitter during the ceremony. Make sure this is someone who your pet is comfortable and familiar with.

      1. Photography: Another fabulous way to incorporate your pet is with photography! Set up a few shots with your pet before, during, or after the wedding ceremony. Looking back on your wedding day, your heart will smile when you see your cuddle buddy in the photos.

  3. The Details. Even if your pet can’t be there for the ceremony, there are still plenty of other ways to incorporate them: Your furball can’t make it to the wedding? Don’t worry, you can still honor their presence by incorporating them in the little details.
    1. Decor: There’s plenty of charming ways to decorate your wedding with your pet in mind without going over the top. Name tables after your pet or include them in the centerpiece! Illustrations of your precious fluff ball are a great way to personalize your wedding and include them. 
    2. Dessert: Order dessert look-alikes! Brides and Grooms have been getting crafty by creating cookies or cakes that look exactly like their pawsome pal - what a sweet addition to your reception!
    3. Jewelry: A subtle way to incorporate your pet is by wearing something that reminds you of them. For the bride, consider cat-shaped earrings or a paw print necklace. There are even charm bracelets with custom shapes to match your pet! For the groom, bring your family member to the ceremony with a special pocket square with your buddy's face on it or pet-shaped cuff links added to his suit.
    4. Video/slideshow: During the reception, you can also include them in a video or slideshow! Picture this (literally!) - all your pets' most charming photos in the background.


There are plenty of ways to make sure your furry friend is part of your special day. Will you have your pet walk you down the aisle or include them in the decor - or both!? It’s up to you if you want your pal to be there physically or in spirit on your big day!

Don’t forget, our hotel wedding venues are pet-friendly and we would love to help you incorporate your pet into your wedding. Check-in with our events team at Cambria Pines Lodge, Cambria Nursery and Florist, The Village Green, or the Oregon Garden Resort to see if we can accommodate your request to have your pet-approved wedding!