German Christmas Market Traditions

'Tis the season for festive delights and timeless traditions! Step into the enchanting world of Christmas Markets, where the holiday spirit comes alive. In numerous towns across Germany and Austria, the season kicks off with the magical Weihnachtsmarkt, a traditional Christmas Market. These charming markets, usually nestled near the town square, feature open-air stalls offering delectable food, enticing drinks, and seasonal treasures. Immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere, enhanced by traditional songs and dances. We adore the heartwarming sense of community that Christmas Markets bring to the season!

Here are the German Christmas traditions we’ve brought back to the States for you to enjoy:


  • Christmas Markets: In many towns in Germany and Austria, the holiday season is opened with the traditional Christmas Market or Weihnachtsmarkt. Generally held near the town square, the market sells food, drink, and seasonal items from open-air stalls, accompanied by traditional singing and dancing. We love the festive spirit Christmas Markets bring to the community! 


  • Krampus:  Enter the realm of Krampus on December 5th, known as Krampusnacht or Krampus Night, the precursor to St. Nicholas Day. While St. Nicholas rewards the good with sweets on December 6th, Krampus, with his mischievous ways, swats at the "naughty" ones and whisks them away to his lair. Catch a glimpse of this curious character at our markets, adding a touch of folklore to your festive experience


  • Gluhwein:  Warm your soul with Gluhwein, a traditional German mulled wine infused with spices, red wine, and citrus fruits. Served piping hot, this delightful beverage is a staple at German Christmas Markets, providing the perfect warmth for winter. Treat yourself to a cup of Gluhwein from one of our charming booths.


  • Gingerbread Hearts:  Indulge your sweet tooth with Gingerbread Hearts, known as Lebkuchen, a traditional German Christmas cookie made with molasses and aromatic spices. Discover these round or heart-shaped delights hanging from market stalls, often worn around the neck as a festive accessory. Get your own Lebkuchen at our sweets booth and revel in the sweetness of the season.


  • Roasted Nuts: Roasted nuts are a German specialty that can be found at every Christmas Market. Germany is one of the largest producers of nuts in Europe and is widely celebrated throughout the country. Since the 2000s, the Palatinate region in Germany has hosted a month-long celebration of the nut! During the holiday season, many almonds, chestnuts and cashews are enjoyed by thousands of people throughout the area. Get your own bag of roasted nuts at our events.


  • Christmas Market Mugs: Most German Christmas Markets serve their drinks out of a Christmas-themed mug. You’ll purchase the drink and pay a mug deposit. After you finish your drink, you can return the mug to get your deposit back or take it home as a souvenir. Take home a commemorative Christmas mug of your own from our Markets.


  • Incense Smokers:  Discover the charm of the Erzgebirge Mountains in Germany through our authentic Incense Smokers. Crafted by miners who once sought gold and minerals, these wooden figurines depict village life, shepherds, fishermen, and more. Used to burn incense, these traditional smokers have historical significance in warding off evil spirits. Bring home an authentic German Smoker from our Christmas Market and add a touch of heritage to your festivities.

Join us at one of our Christmas Markets this season for an authentic German experience right in your local community. Let the twinkling lights, crackling fires, and holiday drinks envelop you in the warmth of the season. Create cherished memories with friends and family as you immerse yourself in the magic of a traditional German Christmas Market.