Haunted in Monterey?

Spooky Sensations at The Monterey Hotel!

Halloween enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a spine-tingling adventure at The Monterey Hotel, nestled in the heart of downtown Monterey. The whispers of ghostly tales have long surrounded this historic gem, and we're here to uncover the chilling stories that haunt its hallowed halls.

Among the ethereal denizens that roam this venerable establishment, one spectral presence stands out – Fred, affectionately known to our staff as the "Maintenance Ghost." With an otherworldly dedication to his craft, Fred can often be heard muttering about fixing those infamous 75 stairs that seem to wind on forever. He delights in playful antics, frequently meddling with the TVs and clock radios in Room 217. Some guests have even reported their cell phones displaying mysterious sequences of 7s and 5s, a spectral signature perhaps?

But Fred is not alone in his spectral wanderings. A young teenage girl, her identity shrouded in mystery, has been spotted sitting on the stairs or wandering the upper floors. Her ethereal presence, though gentle, leaves a lingering sense of intrigue and wonder.

Adding to the paranormal tapestry of The Monterey Hotel is the dapper spirit of an Edwardian gentleman, adorned in high-hatted finery. Occasionally, he appears in the mirror facing the front desk, believed to be none other than the hotel's esteemed architect, who passed away in 1936.

Beyond ghostly spirits, the hotel boasts a repertoire of paranormal activities. Noted author Jeff Dwyer has recorded a startling disembodied "Hello" echoing through the second floor. Staff members have reported the touch of icy hands, objects mysteriously relocating to unusual places, and doors swinging open without rhyme or reason.

So, have you ventured to The Monterey Hotel and experienced these eerie sensations firsthand? We invite you to join us in the spectral embrace of this historic haunt, where the past and present intertwine in ghostly harmony. Book your stay and become a part of our haunted narrative, if you dare!

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