Reasons Why We Love Vacationing in Small Towns

As the New Year begins, it’s time to start mapping out your next getaway and we’re here to convince you why you should vacation in a small town this year! Vacationing in small towns offers one-of-a-kind experiences along with many other perks to make your trip remarkable. If you stay at one of our properties, you’ll love the small-town charm our locations have to offer and here’s why:


  1. Off the Beaten Path Experiences. Exit the beaten path and discover unique destinations! Small towns offer natural beauty you can’t capture anywhere else and typically plenty of outdoor recreation. In Silverton, one of the best off-the-beaten-path experiences includes strolling through the 80-acre botanical Oregon Garden (located next to the Oregon Garden Resort) and hiking the impressive Silver Falls State Park. Get ready for plenty of unique experiences when you travel to a small town!


  1. You’re Supporting Small Businesses. As the past few years have negatively impacted small businesses, your support by visiting these small towns can truly make a difference! Instead of buying from big box stores, small towns often offer stores that are locally owned. Our favorite activity to do in a small town to support local? Thrifting! You’ll be surprised at what treasures you can find at thrift stores and thrift finds make for great stories to share with friends. When you stay at a Moonstone Hotel Property, you can feel good knowing that you’re also supporting a small, family-owned business! And even better, while in Cambria, you’ll be surprised to know there’s not a chain in sight so your money goes right back into helping the community prosper.


  1. No Crowds! The best part about vacationing in small towns means you’re not battling with other tourists in lines. The small-town charm is just that - small! Without the crowds, your getaway is guaranteed to be much more tranquil and special.


  1. Brimming with History. When you stay in a small town, you’ll immediately notice that they are brimming with history! Take time to discover what makes the town so special. When you visit our properties, the towns we reside in have so much rich history to uncover. 

    • In Monterey, you can explore the history of Monterey County through guided or self-guided tours. You’ll discover some of the most amazing historic attractions along the California Coast including Point Pinos Lighthouse, the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast.

    •  In Silverton, you can discover 25+ outdoor murals painted on the exterior walls of buildings which transforms the downtown into an outdoor museum! The hand-painted murals give you a peek into Silverton’s past as they showcase the community's pride in its history, culture and famous residents.

Based on these reasons, it makes sense to start planning your 2022 adventure to a small town today! We host properties in small towns such as Silverton, Oregon and Monterey & Cambria, California. Check out our properties here and prepare for an amazing adventure.