Winter Wedding Trends We Love

There’s something quite romantic about winter weddings. We adore the idea of walking down the aisle with fluffy snow falling just outside the venue, how about you? Think about some of these winter wedding trends to incorporate into your wedding:


  1. Candles. Candlelight is a romantic way to set the scene for your winter wedding. Not only do candles cast gorgeous, flattering hues that would look amazing on film, they also double as a way to warm up the cooler nights. Candles are also a great way to get into the holiday spirit with delicious candy cane or snickerdoodle smells.


  1. Neutral Colors. Neutral colors are always in, but in the wintertime, they certainly add to the whimsical vibe. We love the look of white roses paired with cream-colored decor. The simplest of colors can add a look of sophistication. 


  1. DIY Wedding Decor. This season, brides are opting to do it themselves. DIY projects are a fun way to customize your decor while getting excited for your big day! Not to mention, doing it yourself often saves you money in the long run. Some of our favorite DIY wedding decorations? Vintage signs, ceremony altars, photo backdrops and centerpieces. 


  1. Shopping Local. As the holiday season approaches, consider being a part of our favorite trend this season - shopping local! Many of the items on your wedding list can be purchased from local and small businesses. Instead of ordering flowers from a big name brand, try out the local florist down the street. Trust us when we say it will make their day! We love when brides reach out to us at Cambria Nursery & Florist to create custom bouquets for your special day. 

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